How to join

If you’re from Northern Colorado and you wish to apply, please get in touch via the “Contact us” page above after reading this:

To be considered for a place in Slow Sand Writers Society, prospective members must submit a piece of their best writing for review along with a brief biographical statement. Spots for new members open rarely and invitations are competitive. There is sometimes a waiting list. Go ahead and audition but don’t feel badly if there’s not a place for you. We love you anyway.

Sure, it's a little like the show. But you don't have to sing. Fair use.

We’re not currently auditioning, but if you want to have a place on our waiting list:

Slow Sand Writers Society is not currently auditioning new members. For those who wish to be placed on the waiting list: Please apply if you are working in prose–literary creative nonfiction or fiction only. We will consider applicants who are well-published and/or have an advanced degree in writing and/or show promise if beginners. You must be willing to submit for review in our workshops.  You must attend regularly and supply typewritten critiques plus line edits on each piece we read. We require friendly but thorough advice from each member.

We meet every other Tuesday evening from 7 pm to approximately 9 pm.

Take a chance. Show us your stuff!