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On Writers Groups

This essay was written in 2004, on the occasion of the Slow Sand Writers Society 10th anniversary. Starting a writers group is like your first kiss or your first skydive. It’s exciting and a bit reckless. It’s also scary, putting yourself out there to fail, or succeed. When my writers group got together, I was […]

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Our story

When our writers’ group formed in 1994, most of us were making our livings doing commercial writing, editing, and teaching. Yet we all yearned to do more creative work. One of our founding members, Marilyn Colter, was writing a manual about slow sand filtration systems. We saw a metaphoric connection between water filtering through sand […]

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Writers Group Tips

So you want to start a writers group? Here are issues to consider. (If you live in Northern Colorado and want to join our group, read this.) Membership Decide on a comfortable number of members, typically between five to twenty-five members. The Slow Sand way: We have found that eight to ten is a good […]

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