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A book is never done

A book is never done; it just goes to print. People ask me all the time how I know when my books are done. I don’t believe any piece of ...

Creative commons by Meena Akadri

On Writing Well

To write well, read everything. Read cereal boxes, classic literature, billboards, contemporary fiction, the tattoo on the arm of the woman sitting beside you at the dog races. Read calendars, ...


On Writers Groups

This essay was written in 2004, on the occasion of the Slow Sand Writers Society 10th anniversary. Starting a writers group is like your first kiss or your first skydive. ...


Our story

When our writers’ group formed in 1994, most of us were making our livings doing commercial writing, editing, and teaching. Yet we all yearned to do more creative work. One ...

Starting a writers group is a bit of a crapshoot. Can you scrounge up six or eight decent local writers who'll read abysmal first drafts and critique them thoroughly? Will everyone get along? And if so, can you keep the group going?

Yes, resolved this now-celebrated ensemble. The Slow Sand Writers Society has been meeting every other Tuesday night for close to two decades. The Sanders gather to report progress, share success, commiserate failures and, fondly yet honestly, critique one another's work.

Find out more about our members past and present, learn how you can create a writers group, and, if you live in Northern Colorado, join us!

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